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“Great office, staff, and doctor. He’s got a machine going in there. After nine months of Invisalign®, the end of the planned process, my teeth weren’t quite as good as I’d like. Without skipping a beat, he organized another six to eight months of Invisalign on HIS dime.”

— Nick G.

“I cannot express how impressed I am with Dr. Burnett and his staff. With one daughter through braces and one just beginning, he continues to amaze me with his understanding of every patient’s unique situation, both in terms of their orthodontic needs as well as their personalities.”

— Lori R.

“My son had his braces from start to finish with Dr. Burnett and my daughter is now halfway through. We have been treated very well by Dr. Burnett, as well as his staff. The office is well run, the price fair, and the result excellent.”

— Stephanie R.

“We have all been very happy with the staff, as well. The entire office is professional, kind, and caring. I would highly recommend Dr. Burnett for orthodontic work for both kids and adults.”

— Nancy R.

“Dr. Burnett is a fantastic orthodontist! I recently visited his office and I was very impressed with the kindness that was shown to me by everyone. I have a high standard when it comes to selecting someone to provide a service for my family and myself.”

— Audrie H.

“I took my seven-year-old daughter in for her first consult today. The office is incredibly efficient, friendly, and knows what they are doing. I have an extensive background in the dental industry. Dr. Burnett is great, and I was happy that we can wait and see how my daughter develops in growth the next six months.”

— J Y.

“This is my second round of braces in less than five years. The first was Western Dental, who I would give zero stars to. Dr. Burnett really takes the time to explain things. I love the way my teeth are looking.”

— Marta O.

“Been with Dr. Hall’s office for a while. We have been very happy there, and they do a fantastic job. Staff is incredibly friendly and fun.”

— Cathy C.